Ta Phrom entrance gate.

The entrance gate to Ta Phrom, a grand ruin being taken back by the jungle, and made famous by “Tomb Raider,” an action movie filmed here and featuring Angelina Jolie.


Close-up of Ta Phrom entrance gate.


Moss-covered temple facade.


Trees climb the walls at Ta Phrom.


Dramatically aging walls and towers at Ta Phrom.


Roots taking over.


More roots.


Quiet, jungle-clad south entrance of Ta Phrom.


Trees over the west gate of Ta Phrom.


Famous tree roots inside Ta Phrom's east gate.


Dramatic light inside the east gate.


Clouds building above the tuk-tuks beyond Ta Phrom's outer wall.


At the enormous and beautiful Angkor Wat, the jewel of the Angkor area and the largest religious structure in the world, even a minor gate in the outer wall is imposing.


Another outlying structure.

Within the outer wall (but still outside the main temple) are several well-preserved outlying structures.


Clouds over the grounds of Angkor Wat.


Angkor Wat colonnade.

We knew our most gorgeous views of the temple facade would come near sunset, so first we circled the impressive colonnade . . .


Angkor Wat bas relief.

. . . and looked at dramatic bas reliefs.


Inner southwest corner of Angkor Wat.

As the sun lowered we perched on an inner tower in the southwest corner of the temple and watched the light soften.


Close-up, Angkor Wat corner tower.


Monk descends steep steps at Angkor Wat.

We weren’t alone.


Inner western gate to Angkor Wat.

Finally, we made our way back out to the inner western gate.


Close up of Angkor Wat and its towers.

Moving back from the inner gate, all five of the main towers were visible.


Close-up of Angkor Wat in reflecting pool.

But these were the kind of views we’d been waiting for!


Main towers of Angkor Wat in reflecting pool.


Reflection of Angkor Wat in pool.


Angkor Wat in reflecting pool.


Below, the last temple of our last day (spent entirely on bicycles) was Ta Som; not as grand as Angkor Wat, but a good way to end our visit.

Ta Som west gate.


Crumbling ruins and blue sky at Banteay Kdei.



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