Browsing a Chinese menu can be an eye-raising experience.As a little diversion from my Olympic “reporting,” I thought I’d share some incredible menu translations that Lacey and I copied down from the menu of “Mao Jia” (Mao’s House) restaurant in Shenzhen, a city outside Hong Kong where we were unexpectedly forced to spend a night during our travels, thanks to Typhoon Kammuri.¬† Here they are, in no particular order:

  • ¬†Flavor Saliva Chicken
  • Moo Cow Entrails
  • The Real Taste Drunk Fried Fish
  • The Pig Tail is SuccessivelyHigh
  • Palace Chicken, Bull’s Penis, Soft-Shell Turtle
  • Black Bean Steams Intestines
  • The Gluttonous Rice Flutters the Fragrant Bone
  • Western Hunan Bandit Pig Liver
  • Unwearied Effort However Inch Bone
  • The Green Pepper Fries the Diesel Oil
  • A Chicken (this last complete with a blurry photograph of a plucked, cooked chicken, and nothing else)

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